The newest addition to our herd, Posum or "Po" is a gorgeous Palomino gelding. With his laid back style he takes everything in stride. He is so kind and gentle that he is quickly capturing everyone’s heart at the barn. Po likes to hang out with his new buddies in the pasture and receive lots of attention from his beloved riders.


Honey is one of our newest additions to the herd - stay tuned for more details!

Muddy is a 17 year old gelding quarter horse. Muddy is a very cuddly boy, he loves attention and  being around people. He has photo bombed more than one selfie!

Muddy, or Mud-Bud as he is affectionately known, is reliable, calm and steady in the arena. His big personality and loving nature has made him a favorite with riders and volunteers alike. We believe that if he could he would gladly curl up in your lap for a snuggle!


Diamonte is one of our newest additions to the herd - stay tuned for more details!

 Equine Partners

Angie is an 18 year old beautiful paint mare. Although she is boss of the herd, she is an excellent lesson horse who is very patient an gentle. She excels at working with independent riders who are furthering their equitation skills as well as less experienced clients. She is perfect for groundwork, loyally following her rider around the arena.


Bo is a 24 year old gelding quarter horse. He loves to kick his heels up in the field and run with his buddies. In the arena his tremendous range of motion that has a positive impact on riders with sensory or attention challenges. His smooth and peppy gait is also helpful for riders with physical limitations as it gets them wiggling and jiggling in the saddle!