Two Goats - Not so Gruff

The newest additions to our farm are the chickens! Five of the seven have been raised here since they were chicks and two were hatched in Justine's son's Kindergarten class. They're very friendly and love visitors so be sure to stop by their coop to say "hi!".

Meet Timmie, Haemish, Ginger, Fudge and Daisy - Giddy-Up's team of adorable barn cats!

These kitties are often present at lesson time, especially Timmie the orange tabby who likes to wander through the arena to make sure everything is up to her high expectations!  Feel free to stop and give them an ear scratch if you see them - they love it!

Full Henhouse

Other Farm Friends

Snickers (pictured left) and Peanut (pictured right) came to live on the farm in 2014. The lifestyle seems to suit them and they revel in having riders come to visit them for some petting (and maybe some treats too!). When they're not hosting guests they love playing on their gym and sunbathing.

The Feline Fivesome